11 Best Laptop Backpacks In India

A good laptop backpack is one of the must-haves for an office-goer or a college student. But, all laptop bags are not made equal. There are some important factors that you need to consider when you think about buying a backpack for your precious laptop. They are-

Space- The backpack should have just the right space to keep the laptop. Too small and the laptop doesn’t fit, too large and the laptop doesn’t get secured well and is likely to move a lot during travel and may even get damaged.

If you are not sure of the laptop size, measure the diagonal screen size of laptop and read the product description of the laptop bag to see if it is a right fit.

Material Quality- A laptop bag should ideally be water resistant or should have a rain cover with it. Also ensure that the padding of the laptop compartment is thick enough to absorb moderate shocks during the travel.

Durability- Take special care about the build quality of the material used and the zippers. Metallic zippers are a lot better than plastic ones and bags made of nylon, neoprene are found to last longer.

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Which Are The Best Laptop Backpacks In India?

So, now, let us get on to the list…

Best Laptop Backpacks

Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack

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Ghost is the best-selling laptop in India that is elegant, minimalistic and designed with special care to secure your stuffs. Made of water-resistant polyester and an outer shell reinforced with fiber sheet to prevent theft and pick-pocketing, this back pack has a 6-point stretchable mechanism to secure laptops up to 15-inch size. The bag is highly functional and has ample storage space that is organized well enough so that you can easily access chargers, mouse, portable speaker, hard drive, cell phone, notebooks etc. The straps have easy access pockets for you to quickly access anything you need to go and the zippers are super-smooth and highly durable too. The bag is ergonomically designed to balance weight equally on two shoulders. Overall, be it an executive, biker or a frequent traveller, Ghost is definitely one of the best laptop backpacks available in India. 

F Gear LuXur Brown Laptop Backpack 

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Made of synthetic water resistant material, F Gear Luxur laptop backpack is spacious and has a classy look, making it a great fit for professionals. It has two zipper compartments and two side pockets providing ample space to carry a few books and other essentials.

Suitable for laptops of size 16.5”

The Clownfish Nation Series 30 litres

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If you are looking for a robust, durable laptop back pack, then this laptop bag from The Clownfish Nation Series is just what you want. Made of high density water proof material and with heavy duty metal zippers, the bag is light weight, yet durable. The bag has three compartments to keep your office essentials as well as clothes for a short trip and an organizer pocket to keep all your stuffs neat and organized. Suitable for laptop of up to 16 inch size.

Wildcraft Turnaround Polyester 27 Ltrs Blue Laptop Backpack

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Light and compact, this backpack from Wildcraft is highly durable and water resistant, making it best for office goers who commute in bikes and public transport. Made of high quality polyester, it has three compartments and fits laptop up to 14 inch size.

Aristocrat Gusto Fabric 30 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack

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With 30 litre capacity and three zipper compartments, this laptop back pack is a great fit not only for office goers, but also for frequent travellers and college students. It also has an organizer to keep business cards and other stationeries. Though the bag material is not water proof, it comes with a rain cover to protect your belongings. Fits laptop of size up to 16 inch.

Trendsetter Backpack

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Light weight, yet durable, this backpack  is spacious and convenient for both office goers and college students. Made of water resistant material, it has a padded laptop sleeve, mesh pockets and organizer to keep your books and other stationeries neat and organized.

Fits laptop of size up to 16 inch.

American Tourister Polyester 32 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack

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This light-weight water resistant backpack from American Tourister is ideal for daily office commuters as well as frequent travellers, thanks to the spacious interiors that can fit a 15.4 inch laptop as well as a few clothes for a short trip. With 3 compartments, side pockets and mesh pocket for water bottle, the space is neatly organized to help you easily access your stuffs.

Wildcraft Nylon 30 Ltrs Black Laptop Bag

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Made of water-resistant nylon, this spacious back pack with 30 litre capacity has two zipper compartments, a padded laptop sleeve with strap and two side pockets and organizer to keep all your office essentials neatly organized. Fits laptop of size up to 16 inch.

Skybags Ion 36 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack

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With multi-level organizer and sufficient space, this laptop backpack is ideal for frequent travellers. Made of water resistant polyester, with three compartments, quick access side pockets, adjustable chest strap and rain cover, this back pack from Skybag is quite functional and stylish in appearance too.


Wildcraft Fabric 21 Ltrs Blue Laptop Bag

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Made of highly durable nylon, this unisex laptop backpack from Wildcraft is compact and suitable for people who love to keep their things organized. The bag has two zipper compartment, padded laptop sleeve with strap, organizer pocket and two mesh pockets for keeping umbrella and water bottle. The material is water-resistant, and the bag can comfortably carry laptop of size 16 inch.

HP Duotone  15.6-inch Laptop Backpack

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Simple, yet elegant, this dual tone laptop bag is an economical option with just the sufficient space for an office goer. Available in four different colour combinations and made of water resistant fabric, the bag has enough compartments to keep your stuffs neatly organized. Fits laptop of size up to 15.6 inch.

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