Best Luggage for International Travel

Did you know that you had to pay a whopping Rs. 300/kg for extra baggage on international flights? Well, for certain destinations, it could go up to Rs. 600/ kg. That is why investing in a light-weight luggage and durable is wise when you embark on an international travel.

Most people consider only light-weightiness when buying a luggage for international travel. But that is not all, there are a lot more factors to consider. Here, we bring to you a buyer’s guide explaining the important factors to consider while buying luggage and some of the top picks.

Which Are The Best Luggage for International Travel?

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Luggage for International Travel


When you go on an international travel (or even domestic travel for that matter), you have 2 options of luggage to choose from—either duffle bags or trolley bags.

Duffle bags weigh less. They are quite spacious, stylish and easy to carry around in confined spaces. But on the flip side, clothes kept in it could get wrinkled. If heavy, you could end up with sore arms too.

Trolley bags on the other hand are spacious, but weigh heavier than duffle bags. It is the best option for those who like to have their stuffs organized. You don’t have to worry about clothes getting wrinkled and it is pretty easy to carry around, provided you don’t travel to rough terrains where you can roll the trolley.

Overall, it is best to use a combination of trolley and duffle bag to make the best of the two. You can keep wrinkle-free clothes and other stuffs you need quick access to in the duffle bag and hang it around the trolley bag handle so that you don’t hurt your arms carrying around a heavy duffle bag.


You may just love your brand new Louis Vutton bag. But to the airport handlers, it is just another bag.  They would throw it around, kick it, drag it and stand on it without giving second thought. That is why it isn’t sensible to go over the top and buy designer luggage trolley. Going cheapo isn’t wise either as a cheap bag lacks durability to withstand the abuse it has to go through in the airport. After all, the last thing you want is a broken luggage with your stuffs getting strewn or even lost in the airport.

Skybags and American Tourister are some of the best options to go by. We in fact have an American Tourister Trolley bag that is over 7 years old. It has withstood numerous road trips and flights both domestic and international and still goes strong. I don’t think I will give it up any time in the near future too.


If you are a travel freak, then you would prefer having a few luggage trolleys that fits all requirement. You would want to use the same bags for flips, road and rail trips alike. Hence, it is wise to invest in sizes that fit all requirements.

The 79 cm (31 inch) trolley bags like American Tourister Polyester 79 cms Hard Sided Suitcase are indeed spacious and perfect for airports. But not quite so on a road or rail journey as they would be quite heavy and a pain to carry around.

It is much better to buy 68 cm (27 inch) trolley bags like American Tourister 68 cms Gun Metal Hard Sided Suitcase as it can’t comfortably fit in the boot space of small hatch backs and are comparatively easier to carry too. Buying a 58 cm (22 inch) trolley bag is also wise as you can carry it around on shorter trips without much effort.

So, our recommendation is to buy trolley bags between 58-68 cm (22-27 inches ) when you embark on international trips.


Weight is a crucial factor that you might consider while buying a luggage for international travel, thanks to the hefty excess luggage fee. Experts are of the opinion that an empty trolley bag for international travel should weigh less than 3.8 Kg for a 68 cm luggage trolley, so that you can carry it around without a hit on your luggage weight limit.  For this reason, most of our recommendations are carry-ons made from polycarbonate.


When you buy trolley luggage, you have the option of choosing either hard sided or soft sided luggage. Each has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Hard sided luggage are pretty durable. You can’t rip it with blade, thus offering you better protection.

Soft sided luggage on the other hand can be ripped open with blade. However, on the positive side, it offers higher flexibility with expandable pockets.

Polycarbonate is one of the better options of hard sided luggage as it is light weight, durable, impact resistant and offers many colour and design options.

In soft luggage, nylon is best option as it is strong, durable and resistant to abrasion. Polyester is a cheaper option and offers excellent value for money. However, it is not as durable or abrasion resistant as nylon.


Other factors to consider include-

Colour- It is said that black colored luggage are the most stolen. Thieves don’t generally tend to sneak away with bright colored luggage that draw attention from the crowd. So, chuck away the black and opt for bright violets, pinks and blues.

2 or 4 wheel- Considering the ease of pushing around, it is better to opt for 4-wheel trolley luggage.

Water Resistance- Considering the nature of your journey and destination, think whether water resistance is an important factor for you or not. If so, it is better to opt for hard shelled suitcase instead of soft shelled ones.

Warranty- You already know the abuse your bag will have to endure at the airport. Hence, it is better to opt for bags with warranty so that it makes it easier for repairs.

Now, let us get to the review  of the top picks.

Best Luggage for International Trips


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Made of polycarbonate, this bright midnight blue carry-on trolley bag has 44 litre capacity and is fairly light-weight weighing just 2.6 Kg. The bag has a number lock system and body has matte texture making it scratch resistant.

With 4 wheels and 2 compartments inside, the bag is easy to handle and has an organized space for keeping clothes for 2-3 day long trips. Thanks to its compact size, you can carry it as both hand baggage as well as checked-in baggage as per your needs.

Though a tiny percentage of reviewers opined that the handle is a bit shaky, it was found that oiling it eradicates the problem once and for all. Overall, it is a sturdy and durable luggage that is worth the money spent. 


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Made of ABS plastic, this water-resistant trolley bag has a whopping 90 L capacity and weighs just around 4.2 Kg. The bag has 2 compartments and you can comfortably keep luggage weighing up to 23 Kg inside the bag.

Thanks to the presence of TSA lock, it is a perfect fit for those who are travelling to US and European countries.

Overall, the bag looks bright, vivid and has a sturdy built that affirms the durability of the product. The manufacturer provides 3-year product warranty too.


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Though a tad heavy weighing 4.5 Kg, this bag with 66 L capacity has a 33% expandable feature that provides extra space when needed. It is also equipped with push button trolley for easy commute. The outer material is made of polyester, which is not as desirable as nylon. Even so, as it is made from high denier polyester, though not water resistant, the durability is comparatively better.

The manufacturers offer 5-year warranty vouching for the sturdiness and durability of this soft sided suitcase. It also has TSA lock making it apt for travels to US and Europe.


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Made of polycarbonate, in dark crimson colour, this hard-sided suitcase is extremely light-weight weighing just 3.4 Kg. It has 2 spacious compartments to keep your stuffs neatly organized and has four 360-degree spinner wheels making it easy to handle.

It has a weight capacity of 25 Kg and also has TSA lock. The manufacturers provide 3 years international warranty for the product too.


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Combining the best of duffle and trolley bag, this rolling duffle bag made of polyester, with 46 litre capacity is perfect as a hand baggage on your flights. The bag has 2 side large side pockets, a soft padded shoulder strap and a push button trolley making it easy to handle.

Elderly people and those with back/shoulder pain will especially love this rolling duffle as it causes hardly any strain to carry around.


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Made of high quality nylon, this 75 Litre suitcase is one of the few soft sided luggage trolleys that is water-resistant. The bag is cleverly designed with quick access pocket for storing cellphone, passport etc, expandable feature and ample pockets and storage space for neatly organizing all your stuffs. It weighs just 3.75 Kg making it apt for checked-in baggage. However, those who frequently travel to US and Europe may not be quite happy with it as it doesn’t have a TSA lock.

Overall, the bag is quite sturdy, wheels are smooth, colour bright and vivid and quite durable and sturdy, making it a value for money purchase.


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After every journey, you are likely to have a lot of laundry to take back home for washing. Or you might have done some shopping and would want some extra space to carry those goodies and souvenirs. That is what makes this foldable light-weight bag a must-have for every travel freak. Made of polyester and nylon, the bag can be folded flat to 20cm x 14cm dimension. When expanded, it has a capacity of 32L and weight capacity of 8 Kg making it perfectly suitable to carry even as a hand baggage.

A drawback however is that it doesn’t have any sort of cushioning or protection from impact. So, you can’t check-in the baggage with any fragile items or valuables in it.

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