Best Travel Backpacks in India

A travel backpack is a brilliant option for those who venture out on frequent trips involving various modes of commute. For such people, a rucksack might be too large, a duffle bag a tad inconvenient and a trolley bag totally out of question. A travel backpack on the other hand is perfect in terms of size, comfort and convenience.

In this article, we talk about whom travel backpacks are for, important features you have to keep in mind while buying a travel backpack and some of the best options currently available in the market.

Which Are The Best Travel Backpacks In India?

Who Should Choose a Travel Backpack?

Travel backpacks as well as rucksacks are ideal for those who venture out on trips that include a walk through station, hiking, flight, walking through roads, beaches, stairs or a combination of a few of these. For such people, a travel backpack or a rucksack depending on the length of your journey, is a versatile option that provides convenience and comfort.

Difference Between Travel Backpack and Rucksack

So, you might be thinking what is the difference between a travel backpack and a rucksack? Basically, both are almost the same, except for the difference in capacity. While backpacks generally have less than 35-45 L capacity, a rucksack is pretty huge enough for one or two-week long journey.

How to Choose A Travel Backpack?

Now, let us get on to some of the important features that you have to consider while buying a travel backpack.


A travel backpack is something to opt for if you are travelling on a short trip that involves various modes of commuting. Hence, it is best not to opt for anything bulky. For this reason, we suggest anything between 35-45L. Anything over 45 L will be almost like a rucksack and anything under 35 L will be cramped without space for carrying your essentials.


Nylon is the best material for backpacks. Unfortunately, they are not commonly available, unless you are willing to pay a bomb. So, let us settle for the next best option which is high quality polyester.

Even if your destination is not a rainy area, ensure that it is fairly water-resistant if not water-proof.

Lockable Zippers

No matter where you travel, it is always advisable to buy travel bags with lockable zippers. If you plan to take the bags on flight abroad, it is better to buy TSA locks for your travel bags.

Comfort & Convenience

Look for padded straps, hip belt (if you choose a rucksack), multiple compartments that offer extra space when needed, hidden compartments for keeping passports and safety money. These are minor aspects that makes a huge difference in the long run.

Now, let us get on to the list of best travel backpacks. If you plan to travel taking your laptop, you will love our list of best laptop backpack for travel.

Best Travel Backpacks In India

Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack 

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This spacious carry-on travel backpack combines best of suitcase and backpack. Inside the completely open-able middle compartment with buckles and mesh pockets, you can keep your clothes for 2-5 days depending on how light you travel without fear of it getting wrinkled.

Though spacious, it is light-weight and compact enough to be carried as a cabin baggage on flights.

In addition to the main compartments, there is an easily accessible organizer pocket where you can keep stationary, documents, passport and a few digital accessories. There is also a slim laptop sleeve where you can keep laptops of up to 17-inch size.

The expandable feature offers extra 10% space, making it a flexible option. The bag is made of polyester and some users suggest it may not be able to withstand adverse weather conditions as it is just water resistant in cases of slight drizzles.

This bag may not be a right fit for trekkers or backpackers, but ideal for those who are on short journey for leisure or business.

Suntop Voyager 42 litres Expandable & Convertible 3 Way Travel Carry-On Backpack

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With a whopping 42 L capacity, Suntop Voyager Carry-on backpack is just like the former entry. It has an organizer pocket for accessories, stationeries and important documents; and then, it has a middle section where you can keep clothes neatly organized without fear of wrinkling it. Measurements are also similar. A difference however is a cheaper price tag—which makes it more attractive option.

Skybags Weekender 36 Ltrs Black Hiking Backpack

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With 32 L capacity, this weekender backpack made of nylon is pretty light weight weighing just about 1.1 Kg. It has got 2 main compartments including an organizer pocket where you can keep digital accessories, documents and stationery. In the main middle compartment, you can keep clothes for 2-4 days. It comes with a rain cover too to keep your stuffs safe irrespective of the weather outside.

Overall, it is a perfect fit for short leisure trips—be it backpacking or a flight journey. 

Skybags Weekender 49 Ltrs Black Hiking Backpack (TROP45BLK)

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Made of highly durable nylon, this backpack with a whopping 49 L capacity is a perfect fit for those who want to embark on a week-long journey. Weighing just around 1.2 Kg, this bag is quite light-weight and has numerous compartments and user-friendly features. The laptop sleeve comfortably accommodates up to 17 inch laptops. The pocket on the outside has a multi-level organizer for passport, documents and other items you may have to access quickly. It also has a rain cover and a holder for sleeping mat.

To enhance comfort and reduce strain, the bag has heavily padded shoulder strap and back padding. The design is in such a way that weight is uniformly distributed in the bag to avoid back pain.

Towards the bottom of the backpack, there is a separate compartment which is almost 25cm high. It can be used to keep a few soiled clothes or your shoes.

A few users remark that rain cover is not given along. However, it is found that sellers are quite prompt in sending rain cover if you communicate to them about this.

Overall, it is a highly durable backpack that is comfortable and well-designed to enhance user-friendliness.

Harissons Nylon 39L Casual Backpack

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Available in three different colours, this backpack from Harissons with 39 L capacity is ideal for short weekend trips. It has two spacious compartments to keep your clothes and other essentials and an organizer pocket for keeping essential documents and other accessories.

Weighing just about 600 gm, it is pretty light weight. The material is fairly water-resistant and a free rain cover is given along to protect your stuffs in case of heavy rain. 

AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack

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Perfect for both leisure and business travel, the Concer Travel backpack made of polyester carries your clothes like a suitcase thus avoiding wrinkling and enabling you to pick out clothes easily every day.

The bag can comfortably 4-6 pair of clothes. There is also a separate padded sleeve for keeping tablet as well as laptops up to 17-inch size. The organizer pocket helps keep the rest of your digital accessories and documents safe and organized.

The material is moderately water-resistant and the backpack size is ideal to be carried as cabin baggage too.

Perhaps one of the best features of this bag is that you can use it as a messenger bag as well as backpack.

Overall, the features make it ideal for leisure trips including short hikes as well as business trips.

Skybags Polyester 35 Litres Blue Backpack

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Whether you are out for backpacking or trekking, this 35 L Skybag backpack will be your best buddy along. Made of highly water resistant polyester, the bag is well-organized and designed to carry up to 9 kg weight without being a burden on your shoulders.

The overall built of the backpack is excellent. The zips are of high quality and the material is highly durable. A rain cover is provided along to protect the contents in the backpack even in heavy rain.

Talking about the space, the backpack has three spacious compartments and numerous pockets that enables you to neatly organize all your stuffs for the trip. Inside the main compartments, you can keep your clothes for 3-4 day trips, DSLR camera and its accessories safely.  Laptop of up to 17 inch can be accommodated inside. The organizer pocket is well-designed that you can access digital accessories and documents with ease. In addition, it has side pockets and bottle holders too.

Overall, it is an excellent option for 3-5 day trips and given the high durability, it can withstand all types environment without causing damage to the content inside.

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